SPWC Luas Video Promos

digital video production

In the lead up to the Street Performance World Championship 2012 I was asked to make a sereis of promotional videos covering performances on the Luas. Each day performers took to the Luas to entertain the morning commuters.

The performers included Jonathan Burns - Contortionist, Scott Jackson - Beatboxer, The Lizardman - Sideshow, AJ James & Dolores Delight. Kamikaze Fireflies also helped out by enthusiastically handing out Metro Heralds. It was a tight turnaround as the videos were being linked to in the following mornings edition of the Metro Herald.

More information on the Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship can be found here.

Jonathan Burns / Contortionist

Day 1 - Contortionist Jonathan Burns kicked the week off getting into (and out of) a suitcase as well as getting his entire body through a tennis racquet.

Scott Jackson / Beatboxer

Day 2 - The fiercely talented Scott Jackson, a Beatboxer from Canada, dropped jaws on the Luas Green Line. There was no song request that could throw him off.

The Lizardman / Sideshow

Day 3 - The Lizardman joined us to spread the Street Performers World Championship excitement. Few double takes to say the least!

AJ James & Dolores Delight / Acrobat & Singer

Day 4 - Commuters were swept off their feet by the lovely Dolores Delight & AJ James. AJ is a crowd pleaser with a bit of everything for everyone, while Dolores provided the singing to brighten up the usual monotonous Luas commute.

Kamikaze Fireflies / Acrobats

Launch Day - The hilarious Kamikaze Fireflies at the top of Grafton Street doing their bit handing out Metro Heralds on launch day for the festival. Had a lot of fun with this one!