Mark is a Dublin based digital media designer with a specific interest in illustration, web design & graphics. He has a wide range of technical abilities including front-end web design and development using both Wordpress and Drupal. Videography and photography as well as Flash & After Effects animation skills. While taking a professional approach to work he always tries to have a little fun along the way.

His business skills were honed while taking care of 'The Lucky Duck', 'High Striker' and 'Ring Toss' stalls at a San Diego fair ground in 2005. These few months as a carnie taught him much about the world of sales and persuasion, likely more so than the four years studying for his Business & Entrepreneurship undergrad ever could have.

It wasn't until returning from a year of globetrotting in a haze of poor Spanish, Cuba Libre's and Queenstown's finest Fergburgers that his path in life began to take a new direction. In 2009 he undertook a Multimedia Masters in DCU which in many ways was the official beginning of his career in the magical world of design, illustration and media production.

In January 2012 Mark joined the team at ITERATE, a small but ambitious Dublin based web development company as a web designer and front end developer.

Mark is a contributor to Keep Sketch, a collaborative design and illustration project. More information can be found on the KEEP SKETCH BLOG or KEEP SKETCH SHOP.